Stay young. Stay foolish. Things to keep in mind in your twenties.

So I am an inveterate blog fan, I can judge it by how many “likes” I leave under each post about fashion/DIY products/travelling/inspiration and motivation( Tattoologist has recently become my number-one, since I got that crazy idea to embellish my body with my first tattoo), and the overall number of the blogs I am subscribed too: twenty-five. Guys, I think I have a disease called bloglovinism( an irresistible propensity to stylish-looking, individual blogs).

Every night, before go to bed – and it has already became a ritual, getting my glass of wine and making myself comfortable in front of my MacBook – I open Bloglovin’ and scroll down to the bottom of the newsfeed, taking a brief glance at the fashion bloggers( I know I will never become one, probably because of my worthless attempts to look like a hot model and looking like an overdressed high school girl).

But what really captures my attention is the World of Wanderlust blog, that I obviously romanticize it for its breathtaking pictures and for free from all life burden bloggers who take a chance to see the world and step out of the airplane towards new welcoming adventures.

I really cannot afford it( not enough time, not enough money), but what I can afford is to spend some time and read the articles about the hotels that worth staying at, places worth seeing and walking around, and, of course, their personal experience from visiting this or that city. I stumbled upon this piece of advice, and it got me all inspired and willing to save as much money as possible and go see the world. After all, when, if not now?


Library music.

So as a college student, who spends most of her time in the library, that is not necessarily quiet, I like to have playing something as a background to keep myself concentrated and completely detached for a couple of hours. I was lucky enough to stumble upon the 8tracks and explore some of the study-instrumental-ambient playlists the users make up. And this one is something.

It has that Harry Potter magic in it, with flying mails and fabulous Christmas. And you can picture brothers of the Ring walking down the mountains to Mordor. And do you remember Briony from Atonement composing a play on her typewriter? She is also in this playlist. It is full of the best soundtracks that help you create that romantic yet attentive attitude for writing your papers and exams. I tried it myself, and I can assure you – time flies fast, yet you manage to get all your homework done right in time! 🙂